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Our final sprint: will NIKE do the right thing?

On NIKE’s 50th anniversary we are thrilled to see that over 50,000 people have asked NIKE to stop using wool from mutilated lambs worldwide. But will they listen?


50,000 sport enthusiasts want NIKE to celebrate their 50th birthday by stopping their use of cruel wool

FOUR PAWS welcomes strong support and urges market leader to switch to certified wool to help prevent the mutilation of lambs.

A lamb and its mother

FOUR PAWS Investigates Mulesed-Wool in Global Sportswear

Our report reveals there is no evidence for Nike’s mulesing-free claim  

Three raccoon dogs in a cage

"A Kill from Kitz"

FOUR PAWS reveals the truth behind Sportalm Kitzbühel’s fur greenwashing

White and grey fox laying in the snow

Wear it Kind for Christmas

Our 2021 round up of animals in fashion highlights, as well as top 10 #WearItKind holiday gift ideas!

Stella McCartney bag, Paris Fashion Week 2020

Animal Welfare in Fashion Report Names the Best and Worst Brands in 2021

FOUR PAWS reports good progress on animal welfare in fashion, but there is still a long way to go

Woman with sheep

New study: Pandemic leads to increased demand for compassion in fashion

FOUR PAWS reveals consumers are turning their back on animal derived textiles 

Three Australian sheep

Producers say non-mulesing improves sheep welfare in Australia

New economic report highlights financial and sheep welfare success of wool producers who have ended mulesing


Style and Compassion

Animal protection the new ethical fashion frontier

Woman wearing fur trim coat

Think Fur is Green? Think Again!

Why fur is not the eco-friendly choice


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